Training for Coaches – Coaching & Counselling

We offer the following Coaching & Counselling Learning Programmes and Workshops through the Life Coach Academy.

Dynamic Life Coaching

  • Dynamic Life Coach Certification
  • Home Study Life Coach Certification
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Practice Building & Marketing for Life Practitioners

Christian Life Coaching

  • Christian Life Coach Certification

Coaching with NLP (Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Success Coaching Certification
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Christian NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Time Line Practitioner
  • Christian Time Line Practitioner
  • Dynamic Emotional Freedom Therapist
  • Coaching with NLP
  • Empowering Yourself with NLP
  • Mastering Sales with NLP
  • Transform your Memory


  • Certification in Life Counselling


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